Christopher Leggett’s life story is a fascinating adventure with rich experiences spanning across continents and industries. Christopher’s global journey started in Switzerland — with his first brownie box camera at the age of 6 — followed by learning six different languages in Europe before moving to the United States in his 20’s. The beginning of his adult life included stints in electrical engineering, hospitality, the events industry, and real estate, as he sought out new curiosities and tested life’s limits in every corner. In fact, if you travelled through time, you would find Christopher behind the wheel of a race car, or even a plane! These experiences and life perspectives helped him develop an eye for beauty and design. Once he retired in his 40’s, he was moved to travel the world yet again — but this time with a camera in his hands, capturing his world with a unique eye and a laser-focus on detail. Having experienced most of the world's most beautiful hotels, scenery, and events, Christopher can walk into a room and tell exactly what needs to be improved upon before even taking out his camera. He strives for excellence with every shot, making sure that the smallest detail is accounted for. (Imagine moving a chair back and forth by an inch to get it just right!) He is constantly pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and thinking outside of the box — Christopher was one of the first photographers to master panoramic photography, wearable lighting technology, and photographic drones. Christopher has been all over the world, choosing to reside in Bali, Indonesia as home base. People come to him when they want one of the world’s most innovative and creative photographers to shoot the very best luxury homes, yachts, resorts, and everything in between. His aim is to always be at the vanguard of originality and to redefine his own standards each time he embarks on a shoot. Mastering cutting-edge photography and editing is his passion; capturing true beauty is his gift.